Monday, August 25, 2008

Word-driven movements

Timmy Brister: Upon a cursory glance of the early church in Acts and through the letters of Paul to the churches he planted, I found a reoccurring theme of a word-driven movemental Christianity. It was not defined by speed but by the Word, not validated by pragmatic measuring sticks but authenticated by transformed lives faithful to the gospel and mission.

Convictions developed by following the threads through the book of Acts (and beyond): Acts 2:41, Acts 4:4, Acts 6:7, Acts 8:4, Acts 8:14, cf. 8:25, Acts 10:44 cf. 11:1, Acts 11:19, Acts 12:24, Acts 13:5, Acts 13:48-49, Acts 14:1, 3, Acts 15:36, Acts 16:31-32, Acts 17:11-12, Acts 18:5, 11, Acts 19:10, Acts 19:20, Acts 20:32

This is how the church will make progress. This is how we'll grow the local church through Christian Unions in Universities. Let the word of God spread... let God speak and then things change.

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