Sunday, August 03, 2008

True Truth. Francis Schaeffer, Amy Orr-Ewing etc.

Colin Duriez' biography of Francis August Schaeffer IV walks us through the life of this great man with the perspective of an effected student.

I've only read one book by Schaeffer and reading this book makes me desperately want to change that. That said, I realise that I have already been deeply influenced by him through interaction with Damaris, UCCF Director Richard Cunningham, Tom Price and the Zacharias Trust among others. Schaeffers fingerprints are all over some of those who have shaped me most.

An Authentic Life shows us Schaeffers strong focus is on the truth of Christianity as what really matters, this is a theme echoed in another recent book, Amy Orr-Ewing's But is it real? - whatever the objections and ideas that we might have the question we have to engage with is whether the claims of Jesus are true. Step by step Amy Orr-Ewing walks us through the conversation with disarming and persuasive arguments.

Orr-Ewing puts the answers together, Duriez shows us Schaeffer engaging with them through his love of art, his engagement with film and culture which stretches me to engage more deeply with such things. It's not something I blog enough. And what sounds like deeply engaging and different handling of scripture - though I'd love to have seen examples of this and hope I can track them down.

I'm fascinated by the way Schaeffer was shaped by his agreement and disagreements with J.Gresham Machen, by the strength of his responses to situations - courageous though perhaps sometimes too brash, and the way that he seems rare or even unique in his times.

In But is it real? Amy Orr-Ewing engages with the views of secularism and other religions - blowing away much of the bluster that is often used to avoid serious interactions. What's particularly helpful is the way she repeatedly exposes the myth of secular neutrality that is commonly advocated by Dawkins &co to put the Christian on the back-foot. Her approach is confident and slick and one to learn from.

Have you read these books?
How can we best learn from Schaeffer?
What should I read next from Schaeffer?


  1. I've got 'Escape from Reason', 'The Mark of the Christian', 'He is there and He is not silent' and 'True Spirituality' and am bit by bit reading through them! I've finished 'Escape from Reason' and can highly recommend it.
    Which was the one that you had read Dave?