Monday, August 25, 2008

There be giants!

Stephen Murray, with Dan Hames in the comments on: the plan of certain angels was dilute and corrupt the line from Eve to attempt a sabotage on the coming Seed.

More here: Musings on Giants and Noah, his sin, his shame and his sons.


  1. Dave - this is David Wayne from Glen Burnie Evangelical Pres in Glen Burnie, MD USA - I also have a blog called Jollyblogger - and I am friends with Adrian Warnock.

    i was looking for an e-mail and couldn't find one so i thought i would leave a comment on this. I think you and i may be kindred spirits on this issue of the nephilim/rephaim.

    Here in the states, those who are more conservative theologically tend to take a somewhat less than supernatural approach to Genesis 6 and nephilim, rephaim, and giants. Looks like you take the angelic view, which I do to.

    I'd love to correspond with you a bit on this if you have the time. don't know if you could e-mail me from the info left on the comment but as I say i would love to chat with you about this.

  2. Seems we might well be! Glad to correspond. Not sure that I have much more insight than Dan Hames has posted but it's good to bat things around.

  3. I'm happy to chat a little more on this if it's of interest. Might perhaps look at blogging some.