Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ted Kluck, Fight Club Revisited

Ted Kluck rewatched Fight Club.
I loved this when I saw it as a 21 year old in my final year at University. I've not seen it for several years, partly because I remember it as my favourite film. I keep thinking of rewatching it but wonder if it will have aged well. The same question could be asked about similar big films of 1999 like American Beauty and The Matrix.

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  1. In my opinion the first Matrix film has aged incredibly well - even the special effects don't look dated - it's only the other 2 films in the trilogy that ruin it with their obscene levels of obscure philosophy (especially when espoused by the KFC colonel in the most obtuse language. I think the first Matrix continues to create lots of discussion about the nature of man and ultimate reality, whilst also providing plenty of 'my days that is awesome!' moments.

    You've made me want to go and re-watch Fight Club now...