Monday, August 04, 2008

Review: You Can Change (Tim Chester)

What do you get if you combine the best of Tim Keller, David Powlison, Paul Tripp, John Piper, CJ Mahaney, Marcus Honeysett, John Flavel, John Calvin, Ed Welch on how change happens in the Christian life?

You get Tim Chester's new book You Can Change which is really just sensible Biblical interpretation, tenderly and penetratingly illustrated from Chester's ministry in Sheffield. Chester understands people and he understands Jesus.
  • He knows that being human is good but that change is required for us to be renewed to be like Jesus.
  • He knows that that change has to happen at the level of the heart before behaviour.
  • He knows that change is messy.
  • He knows that change is possible.
  • He knows that the scriptures sing of the glory of Jesus and seeing this as we hear the gospel is the way God works to change us.
  • He knows that sin is a matter of desire and delight.
Chester encourages us to select a change project and pursue it through the book, applying the lessons of each chapter to that one issue along the way. This is a book to get involved with. This might be the most important book on Christian Discipleship that you could read this year.

FWIW, this my selection of best new books this year so far... You can change. Tim Chester. But is it real? Amy Orr-Ewing. Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life. Colin Duriez. Worship Matters. Bob Kauflin. The Reason for God. Tim Keller. Vintage Jesus. Mark Driscoll. In my place condemned he stood. Mark Dever & JI Packer. Why we're not emergent. Kluck & DeYoung.

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