Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mark Driscoll on harsh language

The main critique put to Mark Driscoll seems to be about his use of language. He's speaking on the subject at the upcoming Desiring God conference. Doug Wilson's book on humour, A Serrated Edge makes some similar observations. John Frame isn't convinced and suggests that if you read Wilson's book you 'don't try this at home'.

And John Piper on why he invited Mark Driscoll to do this:


  1. I take it you've read the Wilson book? Looking at both Frame's review and Wilson's reply I don't think they differ an awful lot- Frame just wants to put lots of disclaimers on it.

    The DG Conference should be great, as usual.

  2. I have. Yeh, Frame is mostly disclaimers - and I kinda agree that Wilson doesn't exactly resolve the practice of the issue, but the book is good nonetheless. I got it on Driscoll's recommendation from his preach on humour whenever that was.

  3. I think Driscoll is right that cowardice is a factor in the criticism that he's had over his language. I'm also glad that he is engaging with his critics.