Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing the SW Team 2008/9

Working in the student missionfield is a matter of constant change. A third of the missionfield, and a third of our missionaries leave every year replaced by freshers. Likewise in UCCF as we serve the students things are ever changing.
From last year Kenny Robertson, Jim Walford, Alex Banfield Hicks, Claudia Chan and myself remain.
Last week Su Ann Ward left the South West Team and has been succeeded by Hannah Cordle, a Bristol graduate who joins us as the new Christian Union Staffworker for Bath.
Hannah will work with the Christian Unions of Bath Spa and Bath Universities as they set out to be pioneering mission teams, student-led partnerships of local churches who seek to reach students and so grow the local church as students become Christians.


  1. A fair amount of Bristol graduates as CUSWs this year.

    Great to see the increase in CUSWs/relay in the SW. I remember when Bristol Uni shared a CUSW with Bath Spa, Bath, and UWE. And before Peter Dray it was ages since we had had a relay worker.

  2. Yeh, it's great to have Pete, Hannah, Chris and Gareth on staff as Bristol grads. And I'm a Bath graduate from the ol' days too.