Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introducing the SW Team 2008/9: Relay (aka The Beautiful People)

Today the South West Relay for 2008/9 start their 10 month programme of grace-saturated discipleship training in a student context. These seven fresh-faced graduates take the place of the infamous Wayne Grudem Karaoke Champions and we'll expect a good performance in January. But, more importantly they're here to grow in grace and engage in pioneering mission with students.

They are Alex Sharp and Becs Williams in Falmouth:

Steve Carkett in Plymouth:

Cat Hare and Matt Herring in Exeter:

Tim Pinkstone and Jen Haydock in Bristol:

SteffyB on what RELAY is (ht: Mo)


  1. Ah, more beautiful people! Bristol obviously requires a smarter dress code than the average UCCF attire...

  2. As a Bristol student... I'd say you're probably right :)