Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye to The Class of 2003

Yesterday we said goodbye to the UCCF Christian Union Staff Worker class of 2003. This is my class. UCCF Staff work for between 3-5 years normally. Not all that many complete five years...

We lost Phil Marshall who quit, moved and married Linda early on. Nat Ayling, Alice Jackson and Andy Weatherley left a while back to study and do global and local church ministry... Pod, Clive and I switched to other roles within UCCF without completing our full five.

Which left Cathy Midmer, Mark Stone and Kath Arnold who left yesterday. It's been a joy to serve alongside them. Many memories, and having just returned from the latest new staff Orientation yesterday it does genuinely feel like a very long time sine the dozen or so of us fresh-faced staff gathered at Hothorpe Hall in August 2003. That week Martin Downes challenged us from Paul's last words to the Ephesian elders to discharge our ministry and teach the word.

The UCCF family has changed since then. Once a staff worker always a staff worker, but generation after generation rises to serve the next new generation of students. Some of this week's new staff were freshers that we worked with back in 2003. That's the way it works. One thing is true - the gospel remains the same.

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  1. I seem to recall that we caught the taxi together over to Hothorpe on that occasion.

    Working for UCCF is great privilege, not least because of the godly colleagues that are God's fellow workers with us. For me that experience of orientation (in the company of Alwyn Morris, Sam Chaplin, Alison Williams, Bev Dubberly, and Jodi Hinds) was ten years ago!