Saturday, August 16, 2008

FREE Resources

Downloadable resources to accompany the UCCF Gospel Project are now available. The project itself which aims to put 400,000 Mark's gospels into the hands of students, launches at the Forum conference from 1-5 September.

Included in this suite of resources is Stay FREE - a course for new Christians which I've written. This is a set of four studies to work through with a new Christian whilst taking them to your local church.

Also available FREEDOM by Maurice McCracken, studies to help Christians get to grips with Mark's gospel. More resources coming soon.


  1. Hey Dave - I've just reviewed a Christian book, Wild at Heart. I haven't reviewed a book (of any kind, never mind a Christian one) before. I'd be interested in any comments and opinions you may have.

  2. Dave-I'm impressed with the UCCF and I plan on downloading your new course, Stay Free. I've become addicted to the Theology Network! I've downloaded and listened to so many teachings on my ipod, I think its damaged my hearing! Thanks.

  3. Rob - I'll pop over and have a look.

    Bobby - glad you're appreciating the stuff. It's there to serve.