Sunday, August 24, 2008

Driscoll: from Newfrontiers to the Sydney Anglicans...

Sydney Anglicans interviewing Mark Driscoll (video)

On a British evangelical perspective this crosses a classic boundary that has stood between charismatic evangelicals and 'conservative' evangelicals.

If conferences represent movements then John Piper has crossed this before by speaking at the Evangelical Ministry Assembly (from the Sydney Anglican camp) and for Newfrontiers.

My dream is that New Word Alive will grow to represent a coming together of both groups and a recognition that if both 'sides' can value the ministry of Mark Driscoll and John Piper maybe we can value one another, partner together and learn from one another more than we might imagine.


  1. I was super encouraged to see Soul Survivor involved in New World Alive stuff and to hear people at Soul Survivor referencing folk like Piper and Packer. Good stuff indeed.

  2. Yeh was great to have Lisa and Sam & co involved. more of that. Appreciated your post on soul survivor. Singing is great - just back from UCCF Relay conference and a great session by Maurice McCracken on how vital it is to be exulting, singing, boasting, enjoying Jesus. Classic UCCF stuff in my book and would go down brilliantly at Soul Survivor and many other places.

  3. No chance of getting a recording of that session off you, is there? Of course he might do it next year, when I might be at Relay 1!