Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Damaris: Tools for Talks

Mark Driscoll challenged Newfrontiers leaders to watch everything to learn about culture... this is a bit of a shortcut for some of that. It wont help you understand culture fully but it will give a supply of film quotes, clips and illustrations to help demonstrate the way that the gospel engages with people where they are. It's already relevant and knowing where people are coming from helps us show that more clearly.

Damaris: Tools for Talks


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  2. I had an exciting meeting yesterday at Damaris. We are working on giving UCCF staff and UCCF relay workers a HUGE discount on this resource. It's currently £42.50 for one year. We're going to do it for UCCF people at £12.

    Please email


    for more information

    ps. If you are not a UCCF person, please look at the church partnerships page to find even more discounts on toolsfortalks
    pps. If you are involved with IFES and GBU please email us and we'll tell you about a special deal for you