Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy conference season begins

In the next six weeks I'm going to spend time at five conferences. I'm not really a massive fan of conferences, with some exceptions I'm happiest either studying alone or getting out doing the stuff rather than sitting in lots of sessions. But, for all that I'm still kind of looking forward to what's ahead.

1. UCCF New Staff Orientation. Less a 'conference' and more a training event for our new staff. I'm going to this for about 29 hours which includes giving some training on Evangelism with Nay Dawson. I'm looking forward to catching up with guys we interviewed earlier this year now that they're starting work. Good to be able to work with other members of the Leadership Team.

2. Relay 1. First of the residential conferences for our ministry interns. Another brief visit, this time to teach on Discipleship with Claudia Chan. I love Relay and I love Relay conferences because everything is about grace. Somehow, this will be my 16th Relay conference.

3. Forum. The big conference of the season. Nine hundred people on site at Quinta in Shopshire including around 700 student leaders, John Piper, Graham Daniels and Delirious, and the launch of our gospel project. Teaching on Loving the Church (with Anna McCracken) and Studying for Jesus. Always an exciting conference.

4. South West Team Days. This is more a gathering than a conference, and I'm hosting and teaching for our new team on Galatians. Thirteen Staff and Relay who work with students in the South West gathered to build fellowship, pray for students and set our focus for serving Christian Unions in mission during 2008/9.

5. IFES Evangelists conference. And at last, one that I'm a delegate at! One hundred current or emerging evangelists from across Europe being trained in Austria. I'm excited by the opportunity to get some training to help me develop in this area.

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  1. when is the quinta conference? Quinta is about half an hour from home - any chance of meeting in real life? Understand if it just doesn't work. You'll probably pass Shrewsbury from Exeter on your way over, so if you wanted a cup of tea there or back - you'd be welcome