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Blogging Influence: Technorati Rankings ranks blogs by their influence through linking. Influence comes by
a) Writing good stuff that others pick up on and link to.
b) Linking to good posts. Commenting is good, so is picking up something, highlighting it to your readers and interacting with it on your own blog.

Mine is messed up at the moment due to the recent URL change, though they only consider the last six months so that'll right itself in time. So my ranking is currently 179,694 and 59,167 - probably should be more like 100,000ish (98,472 on Sept 18th). I thought I'd see where my blogroll ranks... Influence, reader quantity and content quality aren't necessarily related. These just cover the current ** blogs by technorati influence which are the ones I read most. Brits in bold.
1,747: Tim Challies
1,868: Justin Taylor
10,948: Abraham Piper
12,337: Bob Kauflin
15,716: Adrian Warnock

17,460: Thabiti Anyabwile
32,225: Tony Reinke
42,931: CJ Mahaney
47,001: Colin Adams
62,133: Ray Ortlund 
85,957: Tim Chester
114,049: Terry Virgo

124,453: Owen Strachen
129,410: Milton Stanley
141,102: Wittingshire
144,278: David Field
157,192: Martin Downes
252,202: Glen Scrivener
257,572: Stephen Murray
271,202: Mark Meynell
277,083: Dave Simpson

305,873: Dan Hames
356,267: Ros Clarke
392,676: Chris Watson Lee
430,032: Marcus Honeysett
437,231: Ed Goode
437,231: Matt Adcock
437,231: Remy Wilkins
455,882: Rosemary Grier
463,038: Adrian Reynolds
463,038: Krish Kandiah
525,730: Lindsay Langdon
605,272: Tom Price
606,637: Mark Heath
606,637: Phil Whittall
606,637: Jonathan Bowers
784,967: Sean Green
870,932: Andy Shudall
870,932: Kath Arnold
870,932: Tim Wilson

870,932: Sam Allberry
964,335: Ant Adams
964,335: Pete Dray
1,113,405: Scott Taylor
1,294,390: Cat Hare

1,294,390: Bobby Sparks
1,294,390: John Lanferman
1,655,777: Pete Jackson
2,638,010: Chris Oldfield
2,638,010: Peter Williams

3,324,847: Andy Cottingham
4,549,429: Kenny Robertson
Unranked: David Matthias
Unranked: Greg Pye
Unranked: Mike Kendall

A UK Christian Bloggers chart by influence then looks something roughly like this...
If you're convinced you should be in there please comment with appropriate Technorati ranking! I'm sure it gets increasingly accurate as it goes down the list - particulary since I've not checked my entire blogroll - and for all it's length there are plenty of other blogs out there beyond my blogroll.
I'll publish a revised version in due course - record your ranking in comments to make sure you're in.
1. Dave Walker
2. Adrian Warnock
3. Colin Adams
4. Tim Chester
5. Dave Bish
6. Terry Virgo
7. Titus 2 Talk Teamblog
8. David Field
9. Martin Downes
10. Dave Warnock

11. Mark Meynell
12. Dave Simpson
13. Dan Hames
14. Ros Clarke
15. Chris Watson Lee
16. Glen Scrivener
17. Marcus Honeysett
18. Ed Goode
19. Matt Adcock
20. Adrian Reynolds.
21. Stuart Townend.
22. Krish Kandiah
23. Daniel Newman.
24.Hugh Bourne
25. Tom Price
26. Mark Heath
27. Phil Whittall
28. Rosemary Grier
29. Sean Green

Also on my blogroll and influential are:
3,187: Scot McKnight 5,305: Michael Spencer 5,470: Pyromaniacs 6,508: Tall Skinny Kiwi 6,681: Ben Witherington 8,683: Dave Walker's Cartoon blog 9,535: Pulpit Blog 10,835: Steve McCoy 16,323: Doug Wilson 17,004: Timmy Brister 34,984: David Wayne 42,509: Dan Edelen 99,884: Expository Thoughts 132,665: Titus 2 Talk 180,023: Dan Cruver


  1. ... which just about sneaks me into joint 24th.

  2. Rank: 562,544

    20th Place. Get in!

  3. My apologies to the pair of you. I did almost check your rankings but I was running out of research steam. I will compile and publish. an adjusted list in a bit. By then who knows where you'll be!

  4. I will drop out of the top 25. Not a problem. Nice post though, good to see it laid out like this.

  5. Very interesting to see what denotes influence. Obviously, I am blogger myself, but I also would have concerns about the time some Christians spend in the blogosphere. So, what denotes influence (ie: number of comments etc) others might call time-wasting! I like blogs, they serve their purpose, but as Marcus H hinted in his guest posts, I also worry about the amount of time wasted by blogging/surfing/commenting. I wonder whether we are falling for secular ideas of influence, or am I just saying that because I'm not on the list?!

  6. Ben, you're in at 975,874. One of the top one million bloggers no less!

    I guess with influence it's all about what you're influencing with and for. If influence can be with the gospel, for God's glory, to bring renewed life to people then surely we want to be as influential as we can - for His sake, not our own. I want SW Christian Unions as big and influential as possible because size will mean we're reaching more people - likewise your Dad puts a lot of time into tract distribution, some might say it's wasting time - but I guess he'd say it's worth while.

    No doubt, blogging can be a drain on time, energy, meaningfulness and a whole lot more too though!

  7. Hi Dave, being both vain and competitive. I checked my technorati ranking and it told me it was 524,417, which moves me up the 'very important to my self esteem' chart. Interesting to see!

  8. Well, with the millions of blogs tracked by Technorati, I suppose it's saying something to be in the top hundreds of thousands, eh? Peace.

  9. Worth remembering that this is how influential someone is among those who blog.... says nothing about influence on blogreaders, number of readers etc. And not all influence is positive :)

  10. You might be interested in this series that examines how Technorati rankings can be manipulated:

    Mister Thorne
    (415) 285 – 5777

  11. My self esteem being linked to my technorati ranking has just received a boost, it is now 339,035 which makes me top 20 I reckon. A push for the top 10 beckons....

  12. My ranking is 785,995 so I might make it into the top 50! I used to use Technorati frequently, but have found it to be disappointing recently - it seems to be hopelessly out of date and not properly updated. Still, an interesting measure of links etc.

  13. Three more for you:
    Bishop Alan Wilson, currently at 39k

    Sam Norton 64.5k

    Doug Chaplin at 39k.

  14. - I think Archbishop Cranmer ought to be on the list. Unless you discount anonymous bloggers... he is a Christian from the UK...

  15. His Grace is not anonymous, though he is Christian and most definitely English.

    His Technorati ranking is 16,835, whatever it all means.

    Bless you all.


  16. My deepest apologies Archbishop. Consider the error repaired.


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