Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vintage Church

I have the impression that much of the raw content of Mark Driscoll's three talks this week at Together on a Mission are taken from one of his forthcoming books, Vintage Church (January 2009).

In addition to showing the connection between Jesus & The Spirit and The Church & The Spirit in Luke-Acts, and the marks of churches and movements he challenged approaches to church & culture.... four angles.
  • First, church as a bomb-shelter. Lots of we/them language. Preaching against culture and not engaging with it. No evangelism. Hiding from the dangerous world. It's pharisaic. Culture as enemy. E.g. classic fundamentalism.
  • Second, church as mirror. Imitating culture. Culture as master. E.g. Classic liberalism.
  • Third, church as parasite. Entering culture to take from it without giving anything. Church seen as a nuisance and drain on the community.
  • Fourth, church as city within a city. The City of God within the city of the world. Bible believing, grace-practicing and revealing God's power. Living differently in the culture. Not antagonistic or negative to culture. Culture is engaged, understood, investigated... and people are invited into the church. Church at the heart of community and culture. Where we're aiming to be.

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