Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too Many Hours

The band Em used to be in have just released their first album. You can hear an excerpt from the one song I wrote that's on the album: Too Many Hours

If I'm honest I don't like the way they've arranged what is meant to be a lonely, dark and depressing song. The arrangement is bright and full of sounds... A bit like preaching Ecclesiastes with a grin. But there you go!! Respect to them for the hours they put in - and the other tracks are probably fine.

FYI these are the lyrics:
Always soul-searching when I am all alone, Head full of questions and nobody to answer them. Spent too many hours staring into space, Met too many people who don't know the way. When you're watching the clock, time never passes. When you've got nothing left to do, feels like freeze frame. Spent too many hours... Are there too many hours alone? Are there too many nights gazing at the sky? I need the answer, give me the answer, I need the answer! Always soul-searching, when I am all alone...

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