Monday, July 07, 2008

Together on a Mission 2008

Off to the conference. Adrian Warnock is liveblogging, I'll post what I can. But I just want to go and enjoy it.

Mark Driscoll is the guest speaker:

He's doing an elders track plus the three pm sessions:
  • Tuesday - Spirit Led Missions: Following the Luke/Acts Paradigm (Session 2)
  • Wednesday - Trinitarian Reflecting: Why God Made Us Male and Female (Session 5)
  • Thursday - Movements are Messy: Getting & Staying on Mission (Session 8)
Terry Virgo will be taking us into the lives of Stephen & Philip which should be great too. Good times in Acts!

I'm looking forward to catching up with good friends from Reading Family Church, guys from our church (though I can spend time with them in Exeter!), the company of some of the New Word Alive guys who'll be there for some of the week... and anyone else who crosses my path.

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