Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Week's Guest Presenter...

Every week the popular satirical news quiz "Have I Got News For You" features a guest presenter to add to the fun. Dave Bish is on his holidays and fancied using the same idea on the Blue Fish while he is away. So I will be filling in for a few days.

Dave asked me to use this first post to introduce myself. Which I reckon breaks the first rule of good Christian blogging - don't let it be about you, but about God and the greatness and glory of his grace. But it's Dave's blog, so here are a few details about me:

My name is Marcus Honeysett. I was a colleague of Dave's in the distant past when we worked in the UCCF together. I've written a couple of books, one on culture, one on grace and joy, but my passion is preaching the Bible and training others to do so.

Any preaching worthy of the name should be gospel-soaked, truth-soaked grace. Applied as powerfully as we are able to the heart so that we, and our hearers, not only understand the word but do as it commands. Good preaching should be as weighty as befits God's truth and as magnificent and heart-engaging as befits his worship. Only let our hearers leave feeling the glory of God, commicated through the Bible, bearing down on them, and any preacher will be content. The only reason preaching can be dismissed by so many today as an outmoded form of communication is that they haven't really heard any proper preaching. They may have heard blessed thoughts and pleasant homilies, they may have heard expository lectures. Preaching is neither of these. It is much more glorious than both.

My other passion is training and nurturing Christian leaders. I work for Living Leadership, a collaboration between church leaders dedicated to training and sustaining leaders. Check us out at www.livingleadership.org. Our three areas of work are:
  • Helping people into a first experience of Christian leadership with training schemes that are of the best quality but at affordable prices
  • Keeping Christian leaders alive and rejoicing in the Lord for the long term
  • Training lay leaders for the health of local churches
Everything we do has a core distinctive of building grace-filled servant character for leadership. Paul says repeatedly that leadership is about serving others in love in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, that's enough about me. I resisted blogging for years because it is a medium that so naturally tends towards narciscism. The blogosphere, with its seductive temptations to market ourselves for public appluase, is the zeitgeist. Every Christian blogger should do their utmost to resist by never talking about themselves.

Romans 15:13 says:
May the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
I hope that I can bring a few posts in Dave's absence that come anywhere near making you want to pursue God for his joy and peace, in order that your hope in Jesus Christ might overflow by the Holy Spirit.


  1. Welcome to Bluefish, Marcus. Looking forward to reading your posts

  2. Loved your book on grace ... glad the blue fish is back on line - it was very quiet for a few days!