Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"This is British public transport - we don't even make eye contact, let alone speak!"

Out of curiosity I'm tempted to get hold of this...
How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends.

" Devon, ...a new welcome pack for Polish migrant workers advises them that a good way to start a conversation is to remark on the weather."
Don Gabor suggests...
  • Don't open with a complaint, it sets the tone
  • Avoid politics and religion, they are sensitive subjects
  • Keep strong opinions to yourself, you don't want to offend.
Would be a shame to avoid all the subjects that matter to people, but I guess we can start with the little things...

Don Gabor on 50 ways to improve your conversations

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  1. Indeed: I'm not at all an outgoing, chatty person but I've been experimenting with bantering with random folk lately and I've actually been amazed at how easy it is to start conversations - you can sometimes just say one random throw away line about the weather, or someone's name (only really works when folk are wearing name badges - I don't have that gift... yet!) and then listen whilst the person slowly starts sharing their cares and woes with you. As long as you're genuinely interested and show it folk seem happy to talk, which makes me think, why are we so adverse to talking.

    Oh but I also disagree with the 'sensitive subjects' point and my experience tells me that so do most people - I haven't had any real 'gospel conversations' yet but I've certainly not met anyone adverse to sharing their opinions on God.