Sunday, July 20, 2008

Review: Worship Matters (Bob Kauflin)

A guest post by Derek Bish:

The controversy over how Christians should or can worship an awesome and glorious God continues and the place of music in all that is still core to what some would describe as "worship wars". Indeed Kauflin does use that phrase in this excellent and inspiring book based on some 30 years experience as both songwriter and worship leader.

Bob Kauflin opens his heart and his Bible to share what he has found to be the important things that he has learned and puts it in the context of an intensely practical and thoroughly well thought out analysis of the role of the worship leader in today's Church.

  • Recognising the tensions that exist in individual and church responses to style, content, context and delivery he takes an even handed approach throughout but ultimately comes down firmly in favour of the view that music-based worship, in whatever form that takes, must be from the heart or it is meaningless.
  • Of interest to all who lead worship, play or sing in worship teams or just have a heart to worship this book represents, probably, the clearest and yet most readable book on the subject to be published in recent years.
  • Unafraid to tell it as it is he even has a whole chapter written directly and frankly for church pastors and leaders which pulls no punches when it comes to their responsibilities.

For any church or worship leader that truly believes that "worship matters" this is a must read book.

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