Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reflections on Day 1 at Together on a Mission

I've just had breakfast at the start of Day 2 at TOAM. What a first day! I'm not going to write up all the sessions because you can get that from the UK's answer to Tim Challies. It's been great to hang out with the family, to worship (led by Simon Brading with a great combination of brand new and 'classic' songs that focussed us very clearly on Jesus) and to hear three outstanding preaches.

Stephen Van Rhyn and Terry Virgo were excellent with their preaching from Daniel 1 (particularly God-centred) and Acts 6-7, but the stand out was what everyone had been waiting for, Mark Driscoll's afternoon session.

He began with a little autobiography and thanked us for what he was learning from being with us. And then gave one of the boldest openings "There are five problems charismatics fall into. You have avoided four of them". What followed demonstrated great gospel-confidence, great desire to serve, great testimony of a man who had researched those he'd been invited to address. He addressed us as a charismatic and then proceeded to preach through Luke and into Acts on the work of the Spirit. He spoke without notes and the vast majority of his words were simply scripture with minor explanatory notes. This was Bible saturated stuff that demonstrated the gospel-centred nature of the Spirit's work, and how what happens with Jesus is imitated by the church. This, and the other preaches, will be available for free download here in due course.

My hope today is to capture some brief audio comments and reflections from people who are here. Hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.

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