Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pullman, Rowling & Lewis...

Over recent years I've read the Chronicles of Narnia books, His Dark Materials and most of the Harry Potter books... (I gave up after five because of the apparently exponential growth in book length).


  1. Thanks for the link, Dave!

    Perhaps Bloomsbury could publish abridged editions of the later Harry Potter books - sort of the opposite of extended edition DVDs? ;-)

  2. Yeh, that'd be great wouldn't it! I don't mind length itself, but they did seem to be getting increasingly padded and repetitive - almost inevitable when you build it around a school year.

    ...and you look at Lewis' and they're all pretty much equal length and vastly more varied as stories.

    Pullman, as you note, just preaches his vitriol without and of the creativity of either Lewis or Rowling.