Friday, July 11, 2008

On Mark Driscoll at Brighton

I have never heard someone speak so carefully and prophetically as Mark Driscoll has this week. He's laid out a Biblical approach to mission and then provided a sharp analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of newfrontiers. The positives are good encouragements and the critiques have been extremely penetrating. Here is a man who has come in, studied us, understood us and not been afraid to address our blindspots and pressing issues.

Mark Driscoll's 3rd session in which he speaks into where newfrontiers needs to go to avoid turning into a museum/institution and rather to stay as an on-mission movement. This challenges my part within my local church but also my role as leader of the movement that is UCCF South West. I feel my lifestyle, my work-rate, my pace, my preaching all challenged by Mark Driscoll. Not to imitate him - I am me not him, but with an urgent mission to be getting on with this charismatic calvinist is feeling the call to make the most of these days. DWYL.


  1. Confused by the bit Warnock writes (can you help?) which basically seems to suggest praying for arrogant (unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride); foolish (lacking good sense or judgement); impetuous (hotheaded) church planters - characteristics that apparently makes someone "perfect for the task God has for them"!

    I think I'm worried Bish...

  2. That wasn't the point being made. The point was if you're going to plant lots of churches you'll need to risk using young leaders who will (at times) be arrogant, proud, foolish.. etc making mistakes...

    If you wait for mature people you'll not go anywhere... and when you remember that this is the man often accused of failing and messing up but who is being mentored by Carson, Piper, Mahaney etc then that says - take a risk on the young guys to give it a shot and help them.

    Basically an appeal to let people do ministry even if they'll mess it up at times. Warning against the danger of old guys becoming the old guys they were always frustrated with who closed the door for opportunities a generation earlier.

    I wouldn't worry.
    I would go and listen to all three talks in context if you have 3 hours to spare.

    Seriously, with Driscoll - I think we can all chill out and recognise this guy is a real gift to the church.

  3. Sure... was downloading the talk as I checked on here... I couldn't quite get what you said from what Warnock had written though... Enjoy the weekend... I'm off to Oxford to catch up with a dear bro before he heads to Paris with IFES... love Oxford...

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  5. Bish,

    Listened to the talk... think it's probably fair to say he spoke that sentence with a wry smile... hard to work that out from Warnock's blog though...

    And just for clarification, my concern came simply from Warnock's blog, not because it came from Mark Driscoll's talk... that was the first talk I have heard, and I had no impressions before that...

  6. Is that right though? I can't work out how specific Mark is being... I defo think the young being put in such positions is important, and not just for the old ones especially with the 'aggresive' church planting needed... I think I'm just wondering - when the Bible has a clear description of the character/temperment of a church leader (Titus 1:7) - how you would balance the need with the character? Maybe it's just because the ESV uses the very word "arrogant" when describing exactly how a church leader should not be...

  7. I don't think he's saying that's the qualification - simply noting that it's a fact of youth. Looking back 9 years to 20 year old me, I wasn't useless for ministry - but MAN was a arrogant then. Hopefully less so now...

    The danger for newfrontiers, and everyone else is to say, since we're all old and humble now, let's not let the young guys have a go since they're arrogant. Yes they are but let them do, let them grow...

    Likewise with student leadership.

  8. Sorry I didn't make myself clear... I know Mark is not saying that it's the qualification... my point was how the idea works out in practice... how do we balance the need for the young to take on (church) leadership, with the character of a young person? How (and when) do we take the risk?