Saturday, July 05, 2008

Musings in Contemporary Ecclesiology

Picking up on some of the discussions that led me to write 'parachurch' that loves the local church, Mo muses on the nature of Christian leadership:
"The reason we think the church is important is because the Bible says it is. Because we all sit under its perfect guiding rule. Church leaders like myself would do well to heed what it says about what leadership means and be careful not to sinfully subvert and undermine its perfect authority over seems that leaders in God's kingdom are supposed to serve humbly rather than enforce their opinions powerfully."
Maurice McCracken, Questions about Authority
Mo tends to blog about once a month, his words are few but they're worth reading. I'm with Bonhoeffer, the idea of church, the experience is hard. But, it's really worth working at - and it's great that for all the faltering footsteps there does seem to be a growing tide of thought being put into how we work out what it means to be the church.

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