Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Interview: Mark Driscoll - Newfrontiers & Prophecy

From Adrian Warnock


  1. Thanks for posting this.

    I find his perception of the difference between 'charismatic' in the UK and the US interesting. My perception/ experience is almost the opposite I must admit. The whole 'reformed charismatic' thing seems much bigger over in the states than over here. I doubt whether the majority who bear the label 'charismatic' over here fit with Driscoll's v.positive description. But then we're all limited by our experience and the circles we move/ have moved in aren't we?

    Obviously it's wonderful that someone like Driscoll can come over here and find such a positive experience of UK charismatics.

  2. Agreed, UK Charismatic doesn't always mean Biblical.

    As Driscoll notes there are 5 classic charismatic errors. He gives Newfrontiers a 4 out of 5. Many others would barely get 1/5.