Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Whenever I see a worn-out, burnt-out Christian leader, then I will give odds of 10 to 1 that their church has never thought about honouring them..."

I'm determined to keep doing what I'm about to do. To keep pointing you in the direction of Marcus Honeysett's 'Digital H20' blog. Why? For things like this:
...if you were to list what we might call ‘freshness busters’ (things which typically trip Christian leaders up) what would be included? I have a LONG list in answer to that. Here are 5 of my top answers:
There are no easy ways to measure success, because our success is measured spiritually and invisibly. Numbers are not a good measure. But in the absence of measures (and remember every other type of work has them), it can be easy to feel guilty or that we haven’t done enough. And nobody will tell us to stop. Indeed its possible to get to the point where people think that us doing 110% is the expected basic norm. Connected to that nobody who isn’t in Christian leadership knows what it entails or how much time it takes....
Spiritually fresh leaders 1, and Spiritually fresh leaders 2.

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