Friday, June 27, 2008

When I open my Bible and pray...

"I believe the purpose of personal devotions is to meet God, to make the soul happy in him, to adore him, delight in him, glorify him. When I open my Bible and pray, that's what I am praying will happen. I am not satisfied when it doesn't. Educating myself in the text may be a help to this, or it may be a hindrance, if it turns my personal devotion into merely gaining knowledge or furtively just prepping the next sermon. I need to ring fence my devotions away from that."
Marcus Honeysett: How to grow spiritually. Listening to Marcus' on Revelation on the train to and from Jonny Herring's wedding today I was struck by his words on Revelation 1 (in Part 4).
"Let me ask you this. What did it do to John? ...Too right, of course it is. He fell at his feet as though dead. Do you think this Christ is somehow less present in this room now than he was when John saw him? Do you? No. Lord Christ we are reading about your appearance to our brother in words and descriptions that awe us... my deep prayer is that coming to these words and being aware that we read them in your holy presence we might not do any less than worship you like he did. As we come to the wonderful task of seeing how you reveal yourself we cast ourselves on you and raise our affections to you. Be our delight we pray and our confident source of security.... we are meant to read this and worship. We are meant to read this with awe. We are not meant to read this for the sake of information. We are not meant to read this dispassionately. We are not meant to read this without being arrested by it. We are not meant to read this without adoration and fear and trembling... it would be a very good application of what we're doing here, before we got to bed this evening to get on our knees and tremble"

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