Monday, June 16, 2008

Walking in the garden

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in love for eternity past. Love overflows and creation happens by the Word. The heavens and the earth. Man made in God's image. Man walks with God in the garden. Man rejects the word of God and is kicked off the mountain. Rest of the story? How to get God and man walking together again...

Enoch briefly does it but is a rare exception. Abraham knows God. After bringing his people out of Egypt God comes to dwell with his people in a tent. The tent is replaced with a temple. Then God the Son comes to tabernacle with his people. God walking around with people. Immanuel. Jesus dies on a cross and the temple curtain is torn. Man and God can now live together again.

Better than Jesus walking around, the Holy Spirit is poured out on God's people. Curse removed. Jews and Gentiles alike can enjoy God's blessing. God now lives in his people, personally, intimately.

End of time, Jesus comes back from heaven to earth. Jesus brings his people into the new creation. The jubilee trumpet sounds. The second Adam climbs the mountain back into Eden. A renewed heavens and earth, where God lives with his people. "Would you be happy in 'heaven' if Jesus was not there?" No. But the good news is that Jesus will be centrestage in the new creation. In the eternal city, the new Eden, God and man walk together forever.

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