Monday, June 16, 2008

Top 10 Referrers to

I've been using Google Analytics to monitor the site over the past couple of months. Thanks to the top 10 referrers since then, all of them from the UK... This list excludes Google and Facebook which top the list.

I have the pleasure of knowing 8/10 in 'the real world' which is great.

The list also reveals the niche nature of blogging - since these are all Christian blogs.

1. Adrian Warnock - interviews and liveblogging etc. Adrian's blog is the most read UK Christian blog and he's a quality bloke too. Five times as many referrals as the #2 referrer.
2. Colin Adams - preaching blog from Scotland. Probably producing the most consistently high quality content of any UK Christian blog. Yet to meet.
3. Sean Green - Reading newfrontiers elders blog, soon to become the blog of an Amsterdam church-planter.
4. Maurice McCracken - UCCF Relay Co-ordinator.
5. Dan Hames - church history, theology, music. Dan's blog reflects who he is.
6. Kath Arnold - Unique angles on life.
7. Ed Goode - ex-Relay, Christian Hedonist. A great testimony to the treasure that is Jesus.
8. Glen Scrivener - Anglican vicar dude, and the other one I've not yet met.
9. Nathan Smith - the Grace Church Blog, part of Sovereign Grace Ministries in the UK. Grace and gospel loving sermons, links etc.
10. Hugh Bourne - Christian student from Sussex.


  1. ;-) Just checked my stats - you're my number 3 referrer (though I bet you've given me far more than I've given you!). Btw how many posts are you up to? Your output is phenomenal! And much appreciated.

    And if you're ever Eastbourne way, it'd be great to catch up.

  2. 1833 posts. Not sure I've ever been to Eastbourne, nor likely in the near future... but perhaps our paths will cross somewhere!