Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Things Imperishable: changing the world.

I've spent much of this year thinking about how to see more effective mission by students in the South West. People have asked me how things are in the region and I've gotten to a point where I can barely answer. Lots of evangelism doesn't prove anything, though I'm glad of it. High numbers doesn't prove anything, though I'm glad of them. What I want to see is the thing I can't achieve - students being born again. I can't make it happen but I can equip students to do something about it.

Peter tells us in his first letter says there are two things that don't perish.
1. The blood of Jesus (v19) by which we're ransomed (v18).
2. The word of God (v23) by which we're born again (v23).
Not two things but one. One word of God that is supremely about the cross of Jesus that brings new life: an inheritance that is imperishable (v4) by the death & resurrection of Jesus!

How will revival come? How will things change?
As the word of the cross is preached (v25).

How do we see students preaching the cross. Not by applying some other strategy, only by preaching the cross to them so their hearts will be changed by the gospel. That's all we can do. Pray and preach the gospel. Let the Holy Spirit by the word and the word by the Holy Spirit set hearts alight with the glorious grace of the gospel.

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