Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seven Days

  1. Chantmarle, the UCCF Summer School (South) with outstanding Bible Teachers, singing great songs together to our God, The Kenny & Ally Show, good food and an indoor pool. Thanks for the discount.
  2. Rooming with Marcus at the above event. Sorry to Mrs H for keeping him up talking til the early hours of the morning, but it does take two to converse so it's not entirely my fault! A pint with Mike & Marcus was another highlight... 'just a few more minutes, there must be a roadside inn somewhere along here...'
  3. Jumpers for goalposts. Sporting home groups social by the Mill on the Exe.
  4. Jonny & Charlotte. Always a pleasure to see a Christian couple marry and provide us with an object lesson for us about Jesus and his bride. I count at least 10 past, present or future Relay in this room... maybe more if some of those younger siblings do it too!
  5. MP3s. Recording, processing and uploading.
  6. The great joys and deep frustrations of ministry, all evident in one week.
  7. Kath Arnold. Thanks for the last five years of gospel-partnership. Thanks for the banter. Thanks for passing on the gospel to those Reading grads who did Relay under your care. Thanks for all the journeys to Quinta, the music and conversations. Thanks for the beer in Bulgaria.

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