Monday, June 16, 2008

Seven Days

  1. Entertaining Angels. Dinner with Anna, Hannah & Jon. Plus non-competitive board-gaming. Matt joining us for dinner at 11pm post-Soul Survivor Exeter. Jon's lame duck. Good coffee, strong coffee..
  2. Butternut Soup. Steve & Claire, Tim and Andy for Sunday lunch. That moment when, to avoid losing at Uno Extreme, Em invited the Jehovah's Witnesses in.
    "This doesn't happen often... any of you have religious beliefs..." (two theology students, the full-time evangelist and my evangelistically minded wife)...
    the heart-break of the JW's-Gospel-minus, minus Jesus.
  3. The Beach. Being Tuck's barber. And Exmouth beach.
  4. The Beach 2. Hours on the train to Falmouth, running into Jon & baby Benjamin on the train. Falmouth beach with Kenny.
  5. I'm with the Luddites. Death to laptops. Grr. Who knew that hal.dll was so important. Anyone got a spare Windows XP install CD cos I lost mine in the move.
  6. Team. Planning September Team Days. Living three months ahead...
  7. Church. Finished the joining the church course. This is our church, this is home.


  1. We've had some JWs over recently... (by invitation). They'd been 'witnessing' 19 years and said they hadn't come across people really who knew their Bibles before.

    That says to me that a lot of Christians don't think JWs on your door wanting to talk to talk to you about 'spiritual' things is a good enough evangelistic opportunity.

    Must phone them up and get them round again...

  2. If your laptop is a UCCF one then you can get the IT guys to send you a Windows backup disk, as they paid for the software in the first place so can legally send you a copy.