Sunday, June 08, 2008

Seven Days

1. Writing the last of the 'Stay Free' studies for new Christians on losing your life for Jesus and the gospel. And then the phone rang:
Timing is for joy.
2. Caught in a storm on the dartmouth coast. This redefines rain:
Trials are for joy.
3. Passion for the local church @ 'Joining the church':
Church is for joy.
4. People who love the crazy idea of the gospel project. The born-againing power of the word of God:
The Bible is for joy.
5. Matt & Cat visiting. Musing on the glory of the gospel. Alex preaching on the last days:
Gospel partners are for joy.
6. Baptisms on Exmouth beach at 22 degrees:
Devon is for joy.
7. Matt's song online:
Grace is for joy.

Ed does Seven too

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