Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rumours of War

A nasty rumour of war went around,
So they armed the missiles, air to ground,
And they kept an eye on the radar screens,
In case an unknown object was seen.

They tld the President, he went pale,
"Suppose the Fail-safe were to fail,
And what about the 4 minute line,
UI wish we had a little more time".

They check the missiles under the sea,
Polaris, Posidon, they smiled with glee,
All systems go, A-1,
Even the 1000 Megaton.

All it would take was the phone bloody red,
A couple of fateful words would be said.
One by one the missiles would fly,
And mushrooms soon seen to bloom in the sky.

And a man in a room saw and odd looking tracel
An expression of fear was seen on his face.
He reached for the phone... Oh, yes he was sure,
After all there had been a rumour of war.

© Derek Bish (c.1970's)


  1. Yeh, my Dad gave a me a copy years ago when he and I were talking about poetry. I think he's better at it than me. Unearthed it this morning among some papers in my office.