Friday, June 13, 2008

Prognosis interview Pete Greasley (part 1)

Pete Greasley on Books...


  1. Click on Prognosis videos on youtube -> Interviews -> 'Can Women Handle the Bible'

    Can I just ask what others think of way the question is put to the UCCF person?

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  3. Can you elaborate on what you mean?

    I think Alison's friend (and former colleague) Jon poses the question as "people say... one of the reasons there aren't is that they can't" - which Alison responds to really helpfully I think.

  4. I'd like some female opinions please.

  5. Hopefully you'll find some.

    Alison's husband is also part of the Prognosis group. I don't think Jon is attacking in the way he asks, more just setting up the discussion....

  6. I might suggest your problem here Tom is that you tried to start a discussion about something that I didn't post on my blog...

    Why not, post the video in question on yours. Raise the question again and let people discuss it...