Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Incomparable Grace of God (mp3)

Home from a great four days on the road, preaching at Bath CU, visiting several old friends (including dinner at the funky pancake's house) and then preaching at our 'sending' church, in Arborfield.

Download: Micah 7v14-20: The Incomparable Grace of God: Only the gospel brings repentance and removes sin.
In this preach I'm aiming to show the power of the gospel, which is greater than what God did in the Exodus. Like it, but greater. The Exodus caused the nations to fear, and some repentance. This new Exodus will bring many to repent which is the power of the gospel.

And, the gospel brings phenomenal assurance of sins removed. As Micah stands in the river of salvation history there appears to be a tension. After page after page of God speaking against sin, how can he forgive? Micah sees the cross. The cross again presents something greater than the Exodus. First time around God's enemies are sunk into the sea. This time, the sins of God's people are sunk without trace. (I illustrated this with Titanic, saying 'never to be seen again' - which sort of works).

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  1. Sounds like you got there with Micah. Good preach. Do I recognise the person in this photo.....?