Monday, June 30, 2008

Great preaching should blow the doors off

The Best Sermon Ever - Because of the Sting. I like having mottoes. 2 Tim 2:2 is one of my mottoes. Another one is “encourage the good wherever you find it.” But the one that is stuck to the pinboard beside my desk at the moment is: Great preaching should blow the doors off. OK, it’s a bit crude, but you get the idea. The story of the prodigal son may just be the greatest preaching of all time because the way it ends is with the most gut-wrenching sting in the tail. You see, as challenging and wonderful as the story of the saved younger son is, the story isn’t really about him. And it isn’t told to people who are like him.
Three Ways to Live (Marcus Honeysett)


  1. Am currently reading "I believe in preaching" by John Stott. Powerful book for a student/aspiring preacher. the last chapter i read was essentially on the same notion of door destroying preaching. thanks for the quote.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the link! A great quote and a great sermon. I've been thinking recently about how often Luke 15 is popping up now and being powerfully preached as a gospel message, but also about a possible danger. That is whether preaching this passage without care leads to a Christ-less and atonement-less gospel? An essentially 'Islamic gospel'.

    I've written a post on it here
    here. Would love to know what you think!


  3. I've seen the danger too. I think the key has to be to read chapter 15 in the light of chapters 9-19 where it is set, on the road to the cross.

    All of the familiar stories and parables and incidents only make sense in the light of where Jesus is walking too.