Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Grace of my God (Matt Giles)


1. The grace of my God, an unbreakable chain,
for those He redeems, He in grace will sustain.
I will treasure the cross and rejoice in the Prize,
This unspeakable Gift! This the gospel of Christ!

2. Without Him my eyes would be downcast in guilt,
And in trembling shame would my lips have been sealed.
Yet my mouth fills with praise, when I call on His name
And my eyes may delight in the wonders of Christ!

Yes, wave upon wave of grace reaches me,
He deals with my sin and He washes me clean.
And each accusation is drowned by His blood,
For Jesus has paid with immeasurable love!

3. Without Him is hell, where His wrath will consume,
In perpetual fire; an eternity doomed.
Yet in Him is all love, and my soul is at rest,
For hell's gates have been barred through His glorious death!

4. Without Him the darkness is all I can see,
And the terror of sin would abound within me.
Yet a boundless horizon of glory is mine,
When Christ in the depths of my heart is all light!

5. By grace my affection is drawn to the Lord,
And by grace I'm renewed by the power of His word.
It is grace that will strengthen my will and resolve
To live for my Christ 'til I kneel at His throne!

Matt Giles © 2008. Honeycomb Music Publishing Ltd.
v1, v2, ch, v3, ch, v4, ch, ch (instrumental), v5, ch.


  1. The lyrics are incredible. I wish he would put the song on his myspace player... I want to hear it!!

  2. It'll be there soon. The song was only written 2 weeks ago, but a live recording has been done.

  3. Hello "Grace" appreciators. There is a live recording, but it's a little rough around the edges. Matt has done a fresh acoustic solo version which we'll upload onto his myspace site soon, then we'll work on a fuller band version.

  4. It's here!
    A basic acoustic demo of "The Grace of My God" on Matt's myspace account. A fuller demo will follow in a few weeks time.

  5. Hey Vince! Hurry up with that band version. This song rocks but the acoustic gives me the sense that the band one will be even better

  6. Studio version in progress, and from what Matt tells me it'll be very good.

  7. Indeed... don't for one moment think that it's going to be a straight forward nice, but un-interesting hymn. The guys working on this have come up with an amazing arrangement, to properly support the incredible truths of the lyrics. It will not be a demo!

  8. Yeh, Matt played me the new arrangement on Sunday - sounds phenomenal!

  9. I really enjoyed this song. Thank you for sharing it and encouraging hearts unto the Savior. Excellent.

    Erik Raymond

  10. Hi Dave & readers/listeners

    A sample of the finished band version can be heard on Matt's myspace account:

    The full version will be released in the new year (hopefully).

  11. Hi Dave
    There's a nice simple worship video with the finished track w/lyrics in youtube, if you're interested.
    Blessings, Vince.

  12. I love that one and so made a little 'how to play' video with downloadable chords in the info secion below. Hopefully helps. It's a shame that after all these years it's out already, not many know it and use it in church.