Thursday, June 12, 2008

Enjoying the Grace of my God

Much of yesterday was spent sat on Plymouth Hoe with Claudia. A particular highlight was continuing our study in Galatians - enjoying the freedom of the gospel from fear of others and from needing to add 'works' to faith in Jesus. We were exploring Galatians 2. I love Galatians, and I particularly love 'The One with the Apostle and the Bacon Sandwich at Antioch'.

I love the way Paul shows us how to care for one another, how to do pastoral care, by carefully walking Peter back to the cross (Galatians 2v11-3v1) filling his horizons with God's big event - the death of Jesus with whom we die so we can rise to new life in Christ who loved us and gave himself for us. This is the way to reply to legalism: not to go searching for it but to go and fill your affections with the grace my God at the cross.

In the evening we met with others from our church on the last part of our 'joining the church' course here. The grace of giving, the grace of God that leads us to generosity. I loved elder Andy's observation that the best answer to the devils lie of materialism is to abound in generosity. Grace drowns out the anthems of sin.

And with that we've covered all the foundational material ahead of joining Frontiers Church Exeter!

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