Saturday, June 21, 2008

Apology meaningless without atonement

The Vancouver Sun (which I obviously read all the time...) reports.... Wednesday's apology is important, but it will be meaningless without atonement ...But as a society, we also have to back up the apology with a commitment to enable Canada's first nations to be equal citizens of this country in a way that allows them to draw on the strengths of their culture and to share the prosperity others enjoy. Almost half of the aboriginal population in Canada is under 25. They did not experience residential schools. But many of their parents did and they passed on the destructive legacy of their suffering.

ht: James Allaway, who has been in Vancouver , who comments:
The view that Jesus took the punishment for the sins of those who put their faith in Him seems objectionable to some. I find it interesting that inbuilt into the way the world thinks is that where someone is wronged there is a price to be paid. The editorial in the newspaper recognised that it was not enough for the government to apologise, there was a price to be paid in order to make things right with the Indian peoples but that it still would not undo what had been done. In the same way there is a price to be paid in order for sin to be dealt with. It is not enough to only apologise to God. Jesus death on the cross pays that price. Because the one who committed no sin died in our place, God no longer sees what we have done as what we have done. He sees us as being right with Him.

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