Thursday, May 08, 2008

What can help the squeamish fellow who is afraid of making global claims for Christ?

...John Piper talks about what can explodes his little world.

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  1. I tried to say something like that to a Chaplain recently who was antagonistically squeamish about global claims - firstly of wrath, but I suspected she wouldn't be happy with Christ's global claim either. As we discussed wrath and sin in the context of salvation, she asked, "What of people from other cultures, what hope is there for them, then?" I said, "Every hope - just as for us! Precisely because we all justly fall under God's wrath, we all alike can be saved through Jesus!" She wasn't happy. One of the most glorious truths in the world, but she detested it. I guess it is like being squeamish at life-saving open heart surgery...