Monday, May 12, 2008

There is such a thing as grace (and how the gift of repentance brings us to enjoy this profound doctrine)

Picked up my copy of Lloyd-Jones on Romans 2-3 today to accompany me on the train to Bristol. Classic, clear, passionate, gospel-filled stuff from The Doctor:
"This is the first note in gospel preaching. First and foremost he gospel calls us to repentance... there is but little evidence of a sense of sin these days, or that it is a rare thing to see anyone weeping under conviction; it is not surprising that it is a rare thing to hear anyone going throgh an agony of soul because of his or her consciousness of sinfulness in the presence of a holy God... repentance is not something detached and theoretical and academic... The beginning is this changed attitude toward God Himself; thinking about God in terms of the scriptural revelation rather than in terms of our own ideas... What amazes us, now, is how God tolerates us at all! We no longer feel that we have any claim on His love and we are reduced to tears when we realise that, in spite of our being what we are, and God being what He is, He nevertheless has had mercy and compassion, and there is such a thing as grace... This again is a profound matter of doctrine.. Now the more we grasp that truth, the more we shall see the absolute necessity of an operation by the Holy Spirit of God before a man can ever be a Christian."
Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Romans 2v1-3v20.

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