Monday, May 26, 2008

Starting with repentance

Marcus Honeysett on grace in ministry: A leader of a well known ministry came to me and said “I have lost count of the number of occasions I have heard you and people like you run us down without ever coming to see what we do. I have heard myself public referred to as a bad teacher or false teacher by people who have never offered to come and help me improve. How is that possibly justifiable among Christians?” And I knew he was right. The unusual thing was that he still wanted anything to do with me, was prepared to name the elephant in the room rather than just let things harden and harden between us or go to war with each other’s ministries. It would have been much less painful not to.

(the quote is taken from a seminar script on developing non-competitive student ministry. As I think about the work I'm involved in with UCCF as a partnership of churches in student mission Marcus provides a really helpful angle on how to relate to one another. "Always assume and say the best about other people’s ministries and ministry assumptions... we are to be gospel people with Christ-like attitudes. God is remarkably kind to people we might be tempted not to be kind to."

I'm in student ministry because I love Jesus and I love his church. That demands my humility, repentance and graciousness to others.

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