Monday, May 12, 2008

The Oracles of God (Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Bible in the Evangelical House)

Several things strike me as I read Lloyd-Jones from 51 years ago.

1. There is genuine prophetic insight here.
2. Not necessarily negating the previous comment, problems recur in the church generation after generation.
3. Where's my Bible, let me read it! How precious it is to have the word of God.
"The Apostle finds it is essential to lay down a firm foundation. There are many people today who are in such a hurry to erect some kind of an evangelical house, that I am afraid it is not going to be very durable. And then you will find that in times of trail and testing, they will not quite know where they stand. They are carried away by every wing of doctrine, they have no discrimination and they cannot see the subtle error in false teachings. The only way to avoid that is to make certain that we are looking at every difficulty and dealing with every conceivable objection...

There is nothing greater than this, than that God should speak to man - the oracles of God..There is no greater loss that a man can suffer than that God should cease to speak to him... The Christian is a a man who ought to be wretched and miserable if he feels that he does not hear God speaking to him, if he feels he has lost contact with God. There is nothing more terrible that to feel you are abandoned of God. It is the loss, you see, of the oracles, of the Word of God.

Do we realise, I wonder, what a priviledge it is that we have these Scriptures, New Testament as well as Old? Do we realise the advantage of having an open Bible? Do we realise the advantage and the priviledge of having these living oracles of God? ...This is no ordinary book, this is the Word of God. Do we show that we realise that and what a priviledge it is, by reading it, studying it, delving into it, spending our time praying over it? ..Do you say, 'Here God is speaking to me, speaking to man and I am reading because it is God's direct word'.

We are living in times when evangelical people are increasingly saying 'Well it does not matter, we must all coorperate together. What if the man is not quite with us on the Scriptures, what does it matter? What if he is not quite with us on the atonement, that does not matter either, he is preaching Christ in a sense.' ...But we are specifically commanded to 'earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints' You as Christian people, as members of the Christian church, are to defend this truth as the Word of God, and to content for it."
Martyn Lloyd-Jones, #12 The Righteous Judgement of God.
Preached between October 15, 1956 and Feb 8th 1957.

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