Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh redemption, sweet redemption!

A new hymn by Matt Giles:

1. Oh redemption, sweet redemption!
Satan has no hold on me!
Full indemnity, I have indemnity,
The debt is paid and I am free!
So impoverish and desperate,
In my sins I would have died,
yet my King's eternal ransom,
Did my ev'ry need supply.

Oh the cross, my final plea!
Nought else to offer thee, but what Christ did for me.
A million sins implored my fall,
Christ died once, and crushed them all!

2. Pow'r of death obliterated
Serpent crushed beneath His feet.
From the grave He rose untainted
And still He stands in victory.
In His death we stand united,
In His life we shall arise,
Earthly shadows now receding,
For heaven's glory draws yet nigh.

Resurrected I shall be
For His empty tomb will now ring true for me!
Blast of trumpet will resound
We shall arise to claim our crowns.

3. He has raised a mighty army,
Where there once were only bones.
A people confident in His accomplishment;
That His perfect blood atones.
We will raise a royal banner,
With our heads held proudly high,
Boasting in the death of Jesus,
And His resurrection life!

Oh the cross our final plea!
Jesus leads us on to the victory!
Death and hell have been disarmed,
Christ is Lord! His kingdom come!

© Matt Giles, Sheet Music