Monday, May 26, 2008

'Liveblog' Together at... Taunton

We've been up at Together at Taunton, the newfrontiers South West Bible Weekend. That's meant lots of time to camp in the rain, hang out with guys we're doing local church with and some top teaching from Simon Walker and Terry Virgo. Particularly stirred by Simon's focus on the Spirit and the Word going together (The Spirit annointed Word, the Word in the power of the Spirit), and then Terry on faith in the gospel as taught from 1 Kings. Matt Partridge concluded the weekend with a preach from Philippians 3.

The other major highlight is Matt Giles' new song, based on the Valley of Vision prayer 'Privileges' called 'The Grace of my God' which is phenomenally good.
Yes, wave upon wave of grace reaches me,
pays for my sin and washes me clean!

Further reflections in the future I'm sure, but mostly just deeply thankful to be part of this 'family of churches together on a mission', enjoying the grace of God and seeking to have the light of the gospel shine in the South West - which fits perfectly with the 9-5 ministry I'm involved in in growing the churches, reaching students with the gospel, through the partnership of student Christian Unions across the South West...

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