Friday, May 30, 2008

Let us go to him (Hebrews 13 - Bath CU)

I'm acutely aware as I post this sermon how indebted I am to the ministry of John Piper ( and Marcus Honeysett ( who have shaped my heart and passion for the gospel more than any others.

Let us go to him - Hebrews 13v13 at Bath CU.

This was the end of a series in Hebrews for Bath University Christian Union. I've taken a similar approach to John Piper's talk at the Together for the Gospel conference. Unpacking the glory of HIM, the subject of Hebrews, the one to whom we must go even if it costs us everything.


  1. Downloading it now... might even get around to listening to it ;-) Enjoy the weekend bro!

  2. Imagine the impact if people listened to what they downloaded! Any feedback on it, if you do get around to that, muchly welcome.

  3. zHmm... and read the books we bought too ;-) I listened to it on Saturday morning... here's what I recall, brother:

    I think it worked really well... the examples at the start could have easily made us think "they are extraordinary people"... but then the overview of Hebrews, getting us to see who Jesus is, very helpfully reminded us that they were ordinary people, putting their trust into an extraordinary Jesus... awesome! The look back to Hebrews 11 again emphasised this... ordinary people, living for an extraordinary Jesus and God's extraordinary promises!

    I particularly like the application - applied well to the variety of people likely to be listening to you... skipping CU to witness to mates - an interesting challenge!!