Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grace, all grace, that's all.

Keller makes a critical point. Too often as preachers we preach a gospel that moves people from rebel to legalist. We so easily preach so that younger sons become older sons, but somehow miss the glory of the father’s prodigious grace in humiliating himself for the sake of both sons. (ht: Milton Stanley)
Up at The Mill, Mo has been doing 'Relay' on us, encouraging us about this pioneering missionary opportunity for recent graduates to be immersed in the grace of God. I'm reminded how much I love Relay because Relay is about grace. Grace that I desperately need.

What's delighting me at the moment is that I work for UCCF who are all about Grace, and I find myself in a local church whose explicit foundation is the same glorious gospel of Grace. And not just notionally and nominally, but in both cases intentionally, relentlessly, specifically and deeply. That gospel, and the gospel-care I find is way more than I deserve. I need to believe that grace is enough for me in my sin, and to joyfully receive the grace that's already given to me.

As the Valley of Vision prayer puts it:
Keep me ever mindful of my natural state but let me not forget my heavenly title, or the grace that can deal with every sin.

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