Thursday, May 01, 2008

Books, bring the books (Top 10 Books for Students - New Word Alive on Youtube)

From the student track at New Word Alive here are the top 10 student books from the week, as you've never seen them before.

ht: Chris Watson Lee


  1. Love it. Did I recognise the famous Knighton wall??

    Not quite sure about pouring things on books. Made me cringe. Please tell me these were seconds or blank copies...!

  2. PS your new colour scheme clashes with links recoloured for "already clicked on" - they effectively disappear altogether which makes it quite hard to navi around.

  3. Well spotted! It was indeed the famous Knighton wall.

    The book that went into the jelly was encased in sticky back plastic and is still perfectly readable. Not sure how the Glory days and Delighting in the trinity fared though!

  4. What a great morning. Boris is mayor, Sovereign Grace CDs showed up and I find this on the internet. Wonderful.