Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beach Supervision and the kindness of God

Kath has tormented me for five years because for our first four years as colleagues I worked in landlocked Reading and she worked on the south coast.

Finally, almost five years since I started working for UCCF I've been able to do a meeting on the beach. With Kenny, on Falmouth beach under glorious sunny skies. Brilliant! Beach, talking, praying and studying Ruth 4 with a brother.

O the kindness of God! Utterly undeserved. May I never lose the wonder and priviledge of this. May the beach never be taken for granted. May the grace of God never be presumed. Those famous words from Lewis ring truer now... this time last year I was supervising Ed & Carolina in our paved frontyard (on a sunny day) to the roar of the M4, now I've felt the sand between my toes and heard the waves reaching the shore. Undeserved kindness.

This same kindness is shown in the book of Ruth, through God's actions and through the kindness of his people. Ruth is a story that begins with death and ends with new life. It begins with emptiness and ends with fullness. It begins with no king and ends with King David. The kindness of God overflows to bring redemption.

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